Stephanie Goode is an artist, retoucher, and co-founder of Rifrákt Artist Collective.  She earned a BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art in 2004.  For the past 10 years she has worked in post production as a retoucher and custom printer.  Goode also performs arts administration for her collective, and has previously worked within nonprofit organizations such as Gallery 263 and the Photographic Resource Center.  

Stephanie Goode’s works are produced mainly out of happenstance.  Goode utilizes photography to document, analyze, and perform therapeutically.  What begins as a self serving process produces work which is later edited to represent concepts applicable to many.  Themes of time, home, growth are repeatedly visited through various bodies of work.

Stephanie’s work within Rifrákt Artist Collective has been exhibited at numerous local venues such as Voltage Coffee & Art,  Boston City Hall,  Lincoln Arts Project,  Bloc11,  The Hallway Gallery, and BF Annex.  She has exhibited her works solo and amongst group exhibitions at The Shirey, Project 722, Brooklyn Art Library and Artist Wanted in New York, as well as Bromfield Gallery, The Griffin Museum of Photography, Tufts University Art Gallery, Thomas Young Fine Art, Atlantic Works and Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.She is also represented by Turning Art, an online discovery, purchasing and lending platform art enthusiasts.



Observations is an ongoing body of work that began at the beginning of 2013.  After completing a long term project, finding new employment, becoming engaged, and learning of familial cancer, Goode sought to create works that observed moments of stillness and forced experience unto the viewer.  The desire to give up control in this project lead her to embrace low-fi machinery, allowing film, camera and environment to aid her in the collection of images.  The works echo previous projects where themes of time, home and growth, bear sensations of layering and texture, both literally and metaphorically.  These works serve as fragments of time, depicting Stephanie’s personal stories, and aim to provoke reflection unto the audience and their own stories.