Cary Hulbert (b. 1985) received her BFA in printmaking from Montserrat College of Art in 2007, and is currently a MFA candidate at Columbia University. She has shown her work nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the IPCNY in New York City, and the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai. For more information visit:

My artwork explores worlds that reference reality while remaining unattainable. By manipulating recognizable imagery until it verges on the unintelligible, I attract the viewer into a cycle of repeatedly entering and escaping the work. Fusing the familiar with the unfamiliar, the sensical with the nonsensical, I want the viewer to question what’s real versus merely imagined, and to rethink her understanding of similarity, error, and reassurance. The viewer should feel compelled to confront these challenging topics, but always in ways that are mischievous and fun.

Cary Hulbert